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Hotel for Bikers over Lavarone lake


After a motorcycle tour, the hotel is the perfect place to relax and recharge mind and body. The right relaxation for everyone: A cool drink in the beer garden overlooking the lake, with a capuccino on the café terrace, relaxing in the Jacuzzi hot tub or sunbathing on the sandy beach with a refreshing dip in the lake. After a typical Italian evening menu, let the day end cozily with conversations in pleasant company.

Summer 2024

Since 2019 we are part of the haus partners of Touren-Fahrer, we have organized motorcycle tours on the most beautiful roads of Trentino starting from the hotel.


Services for motorcyclists

Free garage parking space

Drying room

Free WLAN 

Daily weather forecast

Luggage storage

Lifting platform

Parking for cars and trailers

Possibility to use the washing machine 

 ( chargeable service)

Screwdriver's corner with tools washing place

Elaborated tour proposals

Individual tour advice

Guided GPX tours on request

 Motorcycle rental in Trento


Motorcycle rental - News

Activa BMW for Hotel al Lago

Did your bike break down while on vacation or do you want one to rent for a few days, the weekend or the whole week?

Pick it up in Trento or find it ready at the Hotel.


All bikes are MY 2023 and with KASKO insurance.

logo bmw.png

Tours designed to make you passionate about our land
Road maps and GPX files to be requested after reservation

After a bike or motorbike tour, take a cool dip in the lake... or relax in the Jacuzzi or with friends for an aperitif on the hotel terrace.

Tour 1 - Tour of Lavarone

Length: 101 km / Duration time 2,5 h.


- Passo della Fricca
- Lago di Caldonazzo
- Kaiserjägerweg

- Passo Vezzena

- Val d' Assa
- Val Rotzo
- Val d' Astico 

Kaiserjägerstraße Levico terme Caldonazzosee

- Kaiserjägerweg

The famous Kaiserjägerweg is a route that stretches from Valsugana to the plateaus of Vezzena and Lavarone, a 12 km route with 1000 metres of altitude difference.

Garda See Tour

Tour 02 – Garda Lake

Length: 173 km / Duration time: 4,5 h.

- Passo della Fricca
- Trento
- Monte Bondone

- Lago di Cei
- Riva del Garda
- Castel Beseno
- Passo del Sommo 

Strada della Forra


We have talked a lot about the Kaiserjagerweg, but this year we discovered a new fantastic road on Lake Garda, near Limone and Riva del Garda, it is called Strada della forra - Road of the Gorge, ideal to add to our Tour 2 - Lake Garda.


Tour 03 – Monte Pasubio

Length: 190 km / Duration time 5,0 h.

- Passo di Vezzena
- Val d' Assa
- Sant' Ulderico

- Valli del Pasubio
- Passo Xomo (Wintersperre XII-II)

- Passo Pian della Fugazze
- Val Duga 

Monte pasubio tour motorrad
Motorradtour Trentino

Tour 04 – Monte Grappa

Length: 232 km / Duration time 6 h. 

- Passo di Vezzena
-  Val Vecchia

- Colle dei Zanghi
- Lago di Corlo 

-  Monte Grappa 
- Val d' Astico

- Forte Chele
- Passo del Sommo 

Tour 05 – Passo di Manghen 

Length: 145 km / Duration time: 4,0 h.


- Kaiserjägerweg
- Val Calamento
- Passo di Manghen

- Val di Cembra
- Val di Pine
- Lado di Caldonazzo - Passo della Fricca 

Passo Manghen Tour
Levico Terme Caldonazzo Motorrad

Tour06 - Valsugana

Length: 157 km / Duration time: 4,0 h.

- Passo della Fricca
- Val di Cembra
- Val di Pine

- Val Fersina
- Vignola Falesina - Busa Granda
- Kaiserjägerweg 

Tour 07 - Marostica


Length : 175 km / Duration time 4,5 h.

- Passo del Sommo
- Passo della Borcola (Wintersperre XII-III) - Valle Salcedo
- Marostica-Marktplatz mit Schachbrett
- Valle San Floriano
- Monte Verena
- Campo di Luserna 

Marostica Motorrad
Col perer Hotel

Tour 08 - Col Perer

Length 207 km / Duration time: 5,0 h. 

- Passo Coe
- Spitz Tonezza

- Val d' Assa 
- Sette Comuni

- Col Perer
- Lago di Pradellan 
- Kaiserjägerweg 

Tour 09 – Monti Lessini 

Length: 257 km / Duration time: 6,5 h. 

- Val d' Astico

- Passo Xomo (Wintersperre XII-II)
- Passo Xon 

- Monti Lessini

- Passo Fittanze (Wintersperre XI-V) 

- Corna Piana (Wintersperre XI-V)
- Terragnolo 

Monti Lessini Motorrad
Tour Motorrad Passo Rolle

Tour 10 – Passo Rolle 

Length: 236 km / Duration time 6,0 h. 

-  Kaiserjägerweg

- Valsugana
- Passo Brocon 
- Val Cismon
- Passo Rolle
- Val di Cembra
- Passo della Fricca 

Tour 11 – Belle Curve 
Schöne Kurven 

Lenght : 205 km / Duration : 5,5 Std. 

- Hotel al Lago

- Forte Cherle 
- Passo Coe

- Passo della Borcola

- Passo Xomo  

- Tornante Labi
- Salita del Costo 

- Val d'Astico

- Hotel al Lago

Schermata 2024-02-29 alle 16.15.20.png
Bella Vista.png

Tour 12 – Bella Vista
Schöne Aussicht 

Lenght : 276 km / Duration : 7,5 Std. 

- Hotel al Lago 

- Passo Vezzena 
- Vista Val Stagna 

- Scala di Primolano 

- Monte Grappa 

- Marostica Piazza 
- Bocchetta Granezza 

- Strada del Piovan 

- Hotel al Lago

Tour 13 – Belle Valli
Schöne Täler 

Lenght  : 188 km / Duration: 5 Std. 

- Hotel al Lago 

- Passo Vezzena 
- Val d'Assa 

- Bosco di Tretto 

- Passo Xomo 

- Vallarsa 
- Canyon San Colombano 

-Passo Sommo 

- Hotel al lago  

Belle Valli .png
lago .png

Tour 14 – Belle Schrotter
Route auf Schotterstraße - Bald verfügbar, wir testen die GPS-Datei  

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