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Il Forte Belvedere Werk - Geschwent

Those who live here in Lavarone have visited it dozens of times, but it is above all the first time that you really notice it.

A bit of history...

The Werk Gschwent of Lavarone, better known today as Forte Belvedere, was designed by Lieutenant Engineer Rudolf Schneider and built between 1908 and 1912 in view of the First World War, not far from the village of Óseli, on a limestone promontory (at an altitude of 1177 m) overlooking the Val d'Astico, a valley that at the Time marked

The fortress consists of several blocks hewn into the mountain, at the time there were about 160 landsschützen supported by about 60 territorials.


Today it is a modern historical museum with texts in Italian, German and English dedicated not only to the fortress itself, but also to all the remaining fortresses on the plateau and to the themes of the First World War.

Visits and times

It is possible to visit the Fortress by buying the ticket at the entrance, the holders of the Trentino Guest Card or Alpe Cimbra Guest Card provided by the hotel have free access to the museum.

More information on the official website:

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