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Il Respiro degli Alberi

Have you ever walked this breathtaking trail? No?

Then let us give you some important information

It is located a few kilometres from the hotel (approx. 2 km) the beginning is easily accessible by car on foot or by bicycle. Once you arrive in the small village of Lanzino, from the fountain or the car park follow the path "collegamento respiro degli alberi", about 700 metres long, from there on the trail begins.

The Trail, with an incredible panoramic view...

It can be easily covered on foot, by bicycle or even with a pushchair, provided it has large wheels.

On one side there is a panoramic view of Valsugana, the villages of Pergine, Vigolo Vattaro and the lakes of Caldonazzo and Levico. All framed by magnificent nature with the Becco di Filadonna and the Brenta Dolomites as a backdrop.

Why the name Breath of the Trees?

Nothing has been left to chance, the creation of the trail has been a project in which many people have participated, including many artists, who have used the natural elements to give life to their works, which are all to be discovered along the trail, walking in this corner of paradise, immersed in the nature of Lavarone and the Alpe Cimbra.

This is an out-and-back trail, unless you want to continue on the spring trail that leads to Bertoldi, in which case the route is about 4/5 km long.


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