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La Forra del Lupo - Serrada a folgaria

The Forra del Lupo (Wolf Gorge) in Serrada, in the municipality of Folgaria in Trentino, is one of the most important natural attractions of the region and begins behind the restaurant "La Cogola". The name "Forra" derives from the Trentino dialect word "fòrra", which means "gorge" or "barranca". The name "Lupo" (wolf) comes from the fact that in the past these animals were present in this area. The trail is characterized by a series of overhangs and breathtaking views of the valley below. The trail is just under 2 km long and has an elevation gain of about 400 meters.

The Forra del Lupo is a gorge about 1.5 km long with walls up to 20 meters high. The path through the gorge is easy to walk and offers some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the area.

The Forra del Lupo is a place rich in history and culture.

In the past, wolves were common in the area and were considered a threat to agricultural activities. However, overhunting and habitat destruction have led to their near extinction. Today, wolves have become rare in the area.

Wolf Gulch is also an ideal place for hiking and climbing enthusiasts. The route through the gorge offers spectacular views of the surrounding nature. On the walls of the gorge there are also some climbing routes suitable for experienced climbers.

In summary, the Forra del Lupo is a place of natural beauty, history and culture and an attraction for hiking and climbing enthusiasts.

If you are in the area of Folgaria and Lavarone on the Alpe Cimbra, don't miss the Forra del Lupo.

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