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Paradise On Two Wheels

We have no doubt about it: Trentino and the Dolomites are a paradise for bikers. The endless curves, the hairpin bends, the breathtaking mountain passes and, last but not least, the natural environment in which all of this is set can hardly be put into words: you can only experience them.

With its almost 300 lakes (from the larger Lake Garda, Lake Ledro, Lake Molveno and Lake Caldonazzo, to the smaller ones which may inspire you even more), its mountains that are unique in the whole world, such as the Dolomites (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their beauty and geological and geomorphological features), its valleys, its alpine pastures and its small typical villages, Trentino offers itself as a majestic backdrop for an exciting vacation, especially for those who want to experience it on two wheels.

From Lake Garda and the Valle dei Laghi, from the Dolomites and South Tyrol, from the Pordoi, Sella and Rolle Passes to the Valsugana and the Kaiserjäger Road, there are many routes that will take your breath away. If we count only the summer months, Trentino is visited by millions of tourists every year. Clean air, good food and enchanting nature will welcome you with open arms.

Our hotel has bikers at heart and that's why we have thought of many services that can help them in their adventures: tour suggestions with navigation data (which you can get at the reception), free garage parking, special offers for groups, and so much more.

Trentino will charm you, we promise. In the end, we know one thing for sure: a motorcycle tour in such a majestic natural environment has really good chances to look like paradise. Wouldn't you say so?

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