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Sentiero dell'acqua - Carbonare

Today we tell you about a path very close to the hotel and about a beautiful project that was created just last year.

From the church in Carbonare, we follow the signs and head towards the path that leads us to the beginning of the Sentiero dell'acqua (Water Path), which runs along the start of the Astico torrent and eventually takes us to the small, characteristic village of Cùeli.

The Sentiero dell'Acqua (Water Path) is a trail that is only a few kilometres from the hotel (2.5 km) and runs along the course of the stream through an area of great scenic and natural beauty.

Along the way you will see an old stone sawmill that was used for wood processing in past centuries, an old water mill that was used for grinding grain in the past, small waterfalls, gorges and fir and beech forests.

The route is about 8 km long and offers a unique experience amidst the unspoilt nature of Alpe Cimbra. The ring is signposted and suitable for all, even for the less experienced, and takes about 2½ hours; for the experienced, it is also possible to reach Fort CHERLE from the First World War. During the summer months it is possible to visit the sawmill by appointment. Ask at reception when you arrive at the hotel.

"Ocio" Nature is watching you.

Young people and nature you have to know to respect;

to know in order to love.

What is more precious than nature? It is difficult to give a reasonable answer.

Nature is precious and all of us, young and old, should repeat this to ourselves every day like a mantra and in the evening before going to sleep almost like a prayer: Nature is


But often we are too busy seeing what is not there, what is wrong, and we are no longer able to appreciate what is really beautiful, the true resource, the best.

the living energy of our mountains: nature, an ecosystem of stones, water, trees, animals and flowers, living organisms and the physical environment, coexisting in deep balance. Indeed

we often treat this preciousness as "scum", exploit it, pollute it, despise it. We cannot stand idly by, not least because nature is a living being and therefore observes us.

This conviction gave rise to the project "Ocio"(eye in Trentino dialect) La natura ti osserva!, carried out by the Proloco Nosellari Oltresommo as part of the Piano Giovani di Zona 2022.

Numerous initiatives were planned and implemented. Two workshops took place in May

In May, two "The Eyes of the Trees" workshops were held with artist Adriana Agostini, where about fifteen children and young people met to create eyes for the trees they encountered along the water trail.

Eyes, the second to put them on the plants) led to the creation of human eyes, fantasy eyes and the eyes of forest animals (from foxes to bees, from salamanders to deer). Plaques were then placed along the path to clarify the deeper meaning.

Finally, special gadgets were developed as part of the project: a pencil that turns into a sapling! It is made of wood and contains a biodegradable capsule at its end (where the eraser normally is) with seeds that are activated by contact with water.

An ecological thought for all the participants in the initiatives and especially for those who take part in the "rubbish hunt" proposed in the framework of Ecological Day 2023.

So many initiatives, so many emotions and lessons that we hope will remain in the minds and hearts of those who have shared this project with Proloco Nosellari Oltresommo, but above all, who share the fundamental ideal: Nature must be respected, without ifs and buts! For those who repeat this to themselves every morning and every evening, but above all for those who concretely live attention, appreciation and respect for "our home" with their daily actions, because, as the poet of "deep ecology" Gary Snyder claimed: "Nature is not a place to visit, it is our home."

-Article by Martina Marzari.

A walk by a stream in the forest can be a very relaxing and restorative experience. The sound of running water can be soothing and the constant movement of the water can help clear the mind. The green trees and vegetation can give a sense of peace and tranquillity. In addition, the fresh, clean air of the forest can improve the overall health of the body and mind. A walk by a stream is also a very intense experience, as you can feel part of the surrounding nature in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Walking together among the trees in the forest, breathing in the fresh air and the sounds of nature will be an unforgettable experience for your child. We will put a smile on his face when he finds a fantastic gadget when he returns to the hotel."

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