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The Dragon of Lavarone - The Vaia Dragon

Updated: Mar 9

From the trees destroyed by Vaia, Europe's largest wooden dragon in Lavarone

Venetian sculptor Marco Martalar's work to enhance the trees destroyed by Vaia will be completed in November 2021. (Storm Vaia was an extreme weather event that occurred between 26 and 30 October 2018 and brought down millions of trees).

The dragon, 6 m high and 7 m long, made up of 2,000 shrubs and about 3,000 vines, is located in the village of Magrè (Lavarone) in an atmospheric and ideal place to admire the sunset, at the end of one of our many excursion proposals.

The initiative has its roots in the projects of the Avez del Prinzep committee, the tallest silver fir in Europe, which died in Lavarone in November 2017. "The idea was initially to bring the historic tree back to life," explains Martalar, "and now we are focusing on creating an artistic path that tells of coexistence with nature.

The route, called "Lavarone green land", sees in the dragon created by the Venetian sculptor the beginning of a path that aims to promote "slow" and environmentally friendly tourism in contact with nature.

On an evening in August 2023, the sculpture was destroyed by arson. The artist together with the municipality of Lavarone launched a fundraiser to rebuild the dragon; the work is expected to be completed by next summer 2024.

It only remains to invite you to Lavarone to discover nature in all its seasons and colours.

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